Do certain ethnicities smell unattractive to you?

I've seen some guys on here claim women of different ethnicities reject them because their ethnicity smells bad, so now I'm wondering if that's a legitimate concern for people or if they're making it up. Scent has been known to relate to attraction as it signifies good or poor health, immune system and genetic compatibility, and pheromones do all kinds of crazy things. A large portion of this may depend on typical foods and spices eaten by a specific culture and not have anything to do with ethnicity. I personally can't smell well, so ethnic scent isn't something I've noticed myself

This is not intended to be racist, start a race discussion, or pick on any race. I left the poll race-neutral so everyone can answer

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  • holy shit I thought this was just me


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  • I never thought about ethnicity. I just thought anyone that doesn't take a shower once in awhile that they have poor hygiene.

    Now I have heard from a person who married a woman in Thailand and moved there. That he can't sleep in her bed for 2 weeks until he sweats out the smell caused by his western diet,,.

    • I thought it was mainly a hygiene issue as well, such as people who don't shower or use deodorant

      Diet seems to be an issue a lot of people here mention

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    • Interesting. I've also heard that people who eat a lot of fruit tend to smell better as well

    • and they taste better too :-)

  • Some people can't stand the smell of curry. That shuts out nearly 20% of the dating pool right there.

    There is biology and culture that contribute to the issue. If you are around heavy smells, your clothes and hair absorb it. And then, some people just don't take showers often enough.

    • I like mild curry myself, but strong curry tends to be unpleasant. If people complain that others reject them for eating curry, maybe they should stop eating so much curry

      I definitely agree that personal hygiene is a necessity in social interaction and not overwhelming the opposite sex with your BO is essential in attraction

  • I believe this smell issue is all pheromones and hormones interacting, nothing we can control. personally Indian people (not native American) and African people have an off putting scent. I don't know why, but they do.

  • there are some colognes perfumes body washes shampoos and stuff that are mostly used by races they can cause different smells to be associated with that and it all depends on whether or not you you like that smell or not like I've most black people I've met in my life smell like cocoa butter and I hate the smell of cocoa butter but at the same time I've met some Asians that you specific shampoos that are from Asia and and they smell divine

    • That makes sense. I generally have an aversion to artificial scents myself because I'm allergic to them

      I wouldn't know what Asian shampoo smells like because I have curly hair. Cocoa butter is a smell I like in lotion if it's mild

  • Indians and Arabs smell bad to me except for the Arabs who smell like walking perfume factories.
    Gypsies smell bad always but east Asians or other Whites don't have any particular smell that I have noticed.

    Probably has to do with the amount of body hair, diet, hygiene practices and physiology as well as one's own accustomization to smell of familiar people.

    • When I lived in Africa the people all smelled of smoke from their cooking fires. As a white person I was told I smelled like milk, hahahaha.

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What Girls Said 8

  • Yeah some people smell to me, but I think it's their diet and hygiene practices. Usually the people who smell bad, look like they smell bad, just saying.
    Remember the girl that said Ivanka Trump looks like she smells like Vanilla?, I bet she smells like rose water and springtime too haha

    • Lol I bet she does look like she smells like rosewater and vanilla. I have noticed the few times someone's smell is strong enough to completely turn me off is all homeless people, so yeah they look like they smell bad

  • There is one ethnicity that seems to be against the use of underarm deodorant. It is always this same ethnicity that reeks of body odor. Not to say that everyone of this ethnicity reeks of BO but everyone who reeks in the store so that you can't even stay in the same isle with them, is if the same ethnicity

    • Haha. Deodorant is necessary for social interaction. It's so cheap that I don't understand why some people don't wear it. Personal hygiene is necessary no matter what race or ethnicity you come from

  • The smell of sweat is very different for different people. Black people have a different smelling sweat than an Asian, Indian, Caucasian. All different smells and a scent tells you about their genes. It's weird to say any sweat smells attractive but there have been studies about it too.

  • It's depends more on the individual, not their race.

  • no not really.

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