Do you ever get the feeling your ALWAYS dating the wrong people? Because as of this weekend I AM!


recently I've started to notice I'm ALWAYS dating the wrong kind of women.. and trust me I meet them in different places, I've dated women who's ages range from 23 to 34 and every time I end up finding there just big time drinkers with a long shopping list of emotional and communication problems.. the most recent women I was with was 33 years old. she was a "party girl" and whilst on a date when I asked what she did on the weekend she said she had "forgotten" where she was on Friday night.. when we eventually discussed what we were doing after I had enough of 3 months worth red flags I discovered that she come to the conclusion a month before that I wasn't interested in her romantically (this conclusion confused me also as I was the one asking her for dates) and that she would just be friends.. natural she didn't tell me this and so you can imagine my anger at been treated like a holiday. (yes older women can and DO mess you around).. now she had previously told me that communication was a problem for her and was the reason other dates with men had broke down, in other words this women ISN'T LEARNING and clearly DOESN'T WANT TO..

So as the title says.. am I truly DOOMED to keep running into these walking talking waste's of time and money.. OR are there any single women out there who can handle there drink.. Can learn from there mistakes and CAN offer the man who's chasing them the RESPECT of communication.. or should I just give up on relationships and go back to my youth ie sleeping around and using women as weekend play things..


- Chris

Oh and just to add.. if your in your 30's and your STILL GETTING LIFTS TOO AND FROM TOWN FROM YOUR PARENTS.. again this is NOT A GOOD SIGN..


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  • You just ran into a couple bad apples. That's bound to happen in the dating scene. Keep truckin'.


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