He's not texting and I know I have no room to complain!

I've been talking to this guy on and off for a while now, as of now it has been him chasing me. He'll initiate calls and texts, and I don't. When I get a text, I don't usually read or reply to it right there. But I'll get back to him hours later or the next day or something because I almost never carry my phone around. Or if I'm out, it's in my purse on vibrate. And it never seems to bother him much, he'll reply to me promptly. And I know this is bad phone ethics and can be considered rude, but whatever.

Yesterday I texted him an answer to his text and I haven't heard from him since, not that I blame him because I do that to him all the time. But is he ever going to text again? Because this isn't in his nature not to


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  • Maybe he got tired of you not initiating calls or texts. Chasing is OK for a little bit, but sometimes the feet get tired.


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  • Maybe he just left his phone somewhere or didn't get the message.

    Or maybe he's lost interest, but that usually isn't sudden like this.


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