What should happen???

If you are a girl going out with a guy who should pay for things and who should drive and how should a guy treat you for the first couple of months.


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  • The guy should pay for things and should treat you like a princess. It should last the entire relationship - not just the 1st couple of months.

    Now if you have picked a guy who makes less money than you then it is okay to offer to pay for some thing that you want to do together. Don't expect him to go totally broke.

    Bottom line - guys should put their very best foot forward at the beginning of the relationship and keep the standard levels of courtesy and respect for their girlfriends high.


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  • well in my opinion the guy should always pay for the dates. its polite to do that. who ever can or wants to can drive. and for the first couple of months you should take it slow by maybe going on dates to the movies or some place fun where you can hang out and get to know each other better.

  • for me, a guy should take you out, drive you home, buy you some dinner and other things. but dnt expect him to be doing everything. you need to also do something for he to know that you are not expecting him to do everything