Why do we never hang out?

I went to school with this guy but we never talked all those years middle school through high school until he added me on facebook 5 years later. I'm 23, and he's 22 but turns 23 in October. Since then, we'd talk via facebook chat a few times a week and commented on each others status' which gradually led to emails and now texting. The texting is pretty much an everyday thing usually he's the one to start it unless I have something to tell him. After talking to him all this time for several weeks I hung out with him and some of his friends and he told me what a good time he had that same night and how he wanted to hang out with me more.

Well, our work schedules are so different that its hard to hang out with each other which is part of the reason I think he's stopped asking me so much. We'd go back and forth one of us asking the other to hang out or do something but its like neither of us could ever make it to said plans. I sort of feel like he thinks I'm just blowing him off when I'm really not at all.

He often tells me he really enjoys talking to me and, recently told me that he kind've likes me and wants to hang out with me more, and spend time together plus several other cute things. Problem with that is, it seems like every time I've asked him to do something he'd develop cold feet the day we we're supposed to hang out and make up some silly excuse about how he had to see his friend or something and apologize for it. He doesn't seem like the shy type but if its just the two of us alone he's pretty quiet. How do you deal with someone you think is getting cold feet over hanging out with you? What are you supposed to do? I've never experienced anything like this before so I'm not sure what to do and I really like this guy and I'm not ready to give up on him just yet.

I've half considered just taking him up on his plans whenever he asks me to do something late at night just to see what he'd say and if he'd actually go through with it. Is it going to take me going over to his house, knocking on his door to get him to do something with me?


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  • where are you from?

    • Why do you ask?

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    • Lol is he a country boy? If so I have the same problem when I dated a country boy!

      I would just lay off and let him figure it out...

    • Haha, no not at all. He's like the farthest thing from it.

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