How am I supposed to UNDERSTAND men!!!?

Okay, lets face it... We all know that we can't live without them, but living with them is also quite a difficult task..

They drive you crazy...

They think that they are the best drivers, hate to do laundry, hate shopping...

everything is okay and accepted, but guys, tell me one thing that you ACTUALLY want out of woman (except sex of course!)...

If we care for you and ask you things, you say that we are "intruding" in your personal space and if we don't then you feel neglected...

One point of time you look for your mother in your girl and suddenly the same woman becomes "boring"...

What is it that you guys ACTUALLY want in a girl?


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  • everything you just described. we want it all. we want you to talk to us and baby us then the next day we want you to leave us the hell alone. We want you to do the laundry but do it how we want it done. We want to drive and you sit next to us and not bitch about how we do it. We want it all all of the time.

    Now that that is said. Women do the same thing! Don't deny it. there are days when you just want to be held and not in a sexual way then the next day if we so much as bump into you to blow up. You say why don't you cut the grass then after we sweat our asses off for three hours we come in and you tell us how we did it wrong. Both sexes do it. maybe not the examples that you or I listed but we all have our qwirks.

    So, now I will reach my point. I do some of the stuff that you listed. I want to be a man and keep my feelings in and act tough but at the same time I really need to be hugged and told that everything is alright. And I know that acting this way drives my wife crazy and she gets confused as to what I want but I love herfor dealing with it. loving me even though I'm crazy sometimes. Being the only woman in the world that understand that I am who I am and that's OK no matter how much it p*sses her off. She drives me to the brink of absolute craziness every other day but I understand that she is just being her and I love her for her and I will put up with her telling me how to drive and how to load the dishwasher cause I love her.

    Guys are confusing and so are girls but when you find the right one for you they will deal with it just as you will. and you will actually be the happiest people on earth.


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  • It sounds like you're with the wrong guy. There are plenty of guys out there that like the things you listed. Don't assume all guys are one way (just like all girls are not one way). Figure out what your priorities are in a mate and filter guys more selectively when dating.

  • i personally want supportive person whom knows me better then I know myself,

    she must know when I need alone time, yes I love you, but solitude is nice

    if you don't like something I'm doing then don't come, you forcing yourself just makes it miserable

    and mainly, I want someone that wants me, not just my body, or my job, but my mind as well. I'm not like every other guy, and I don't care if I don't get between your legs every day.

  • Think of all the things you want out of a relationship. Giving sex, romance, sweetness, an occasional "I love you", etc etc...

    Guys want about 99% of that. Just make sure to give the guy some space so he's not feeling smothered.

  • Wow... bad time as of late? S'OK. We all go through it.

    I consider my wife to be the ultimate "friend with benefits". She is by far my best friend. She makes me feel good. She listens to me and has great advice when I need it. She's intelligent and supportive as well as independent and strong. She's an awsome mother and by far the best sex I have ever had.

    I never feel like she's intruding, she's being a good friend. We help each other around the house. I wouldn't want her any other way. And heaven help me if she were ever to turn into my mother.

  • Just sounds like the wrong guy to me. I don't mind any of those things, but who the hell would want to see their own mom in a girl? If that happened to me I wouldn't wanna be with her.

  • Women aren't any easier? Yes means no, no means yes.. we are supposed to read your minds, etc. I suck at driving and I drive fast. I don't have tons of clothes so laundry isn't that bad, but yes.. I hate shopping. If I can't get it online, I don't get it. But I am a good guy. I am loyal and honest, am a great friend to everyone and I value relationships. I want a best friend, a companion, a partner in crime. Not just someone who expects me to take her out, buy her sh*t she doesn't need and put up with her stupid friends and girly shows. I am affectionate, but not overboard... Yes, I do like my personal space and I'm sure you do as well. It's not a ridiculous request by any means. Sex is an important component in any relationship, but, you women don't seem to think you have to do it as much as the relationship progresses. Wrong. Maybe if more women actually were interested in who a guy really is- vs what he looks like, drives, or makes in salary... You'd be better off in the end. Good guys are very very hard to find. Everyone wants a trophy partner, but it's really not practical.


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