I have a friend who is 17yrs old dating 35 years old. she need help. they bp.th really like each other very mu

the thing is, they are very happy together for 6months, when her boyfriend's friends say she is too young for him. the gals parents like the guy very much and her mother thinks she is too young but she doent want them to break up. they look soo goood together. they make each other very happy. she need help. so what do you guys out there thinks?


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  • I don't get it. If they are happy then what does she need help with?

    All I can say is, the guy better be careful. I mean, he could get in serious trouble.

    If he really cares about her and her reputation, then he should wait until she is at least 18 or so.

    • He wants to wait for her. they are happy. its doent matter what anyone thinks. its up to them to decide

    • That's good.

      Best wishes to them :)

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  • I think if they get pulled over by the police they are going to have a lot of explaining to do, at least in most states.

    • Basically, here in australia, she is old enough to date a guy that age. her parents know this guy and they like him. she has meet the guys friend who she gets on with. to be honest, its up to them. if they are meant to be than that will happen.

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    • Its shouldnt be anyone's business

    • Here in the us, it's called robbing the cradle

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  • I have a similar situation with one of my friends. She just turned 18 and the guy is 32. I personally think its wrong, and that age does matter when its that far apart. What would a guy in his mid 30's want to do with a girl whose in high school anyways? The only thing I can suggest is trying to tell her how you feel, I did the same with my friend. She didn't like it at first, but I'm sure one of these days shell be thanking me and asking the rest of her friends why they let her date a 35 year old. So go for it and talk to her about it.

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