Will guys think younger girls is a problem?

i m in dating a 30 years old man and I m 21 years old.

but I don't understand that one of my Male friends( he is around 30 ~32 years old) said that he wouldn't understand why would my boyfriend get together with me.

will guys think young girls is a problem ?

i thought man always love to have younger girlfriend all the time?

is it because they think we are immature ?

can anyone give me some advice and maybe experience about dating a older man like me in my age?

and can any guys who have a younger girlfriend like me give me some advice as well?

thanks so so much !



Most Helpful Guy

  • yeah that's nasty

    try and find someone your own age, nobody older than 25

    think about it, when he was 25 you were only 16--NASTY

    although personally I oppose anything more than a four-year age difference, it doesn't really matter since both of you are 21+

    I'm 22

    • That not nasty age ain't nothin but a # you must have a young and immature there's nothin wrong with that

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  • It's not too bad although the relationship will be difficult, that's a guarantee. You're both adults so you can make your own decisions. Who cares what others think, right?

    Also, 30 is not too old, either. It's the end of the 20s so he can still have fun and has probably learned how to party better than your friends!

    I would say don't worry about it.


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  • No because they may be the ones that going to be there age ain't nothin but a #.No not all time some guys want what they call fresh meat .Remember only some of them.Me I'm 20 and me man is 31 and we are not in a relatio0nship but we been messin around 4 about a year now I had some feelin there but I'm glad I didn't tell him because swooner or later I lost interest but look at us we are as bestest friend so I mean I know plenty of relationship that work