Should I text him again? Or wait for him to contact me?

I recently began talking with this guy that I've really started to fall for. The first time we hung out was awesome and all we did was talk for a few hours until he kissed me. Since then he's told me that he can't wait to kiss me again and how much he enjoyed talking with me. He said that he thinks about me all the time and he texted me, called me, and wrote me on facebook before I had the chance to respond the other day. I really felt as though he meant it when he said he thought about me a lot until I texted him after work yesterday and he still has yet to respond. I thought of the possibility that he may be busy, or didn't receive it but I know that if a guy wants to to contact you he will. I was thinking of texting him again but I wasn't sure if that would push him away or if I should just wait a day or so and see what happens? Any input is appreciated!


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  • Go for it and text him..there is nothign wrong with that.

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