Was he telling me the truth?

I asked this guy I like if he wanted to go to a bonfire tomorrow night and he said he had stuff to do and was really sorry, but maybe some other time, and said he was sorry again.

We have been flirting for a couple weeks now and I am starting to think he likes me. but he sounded kind of upset, but it could have been an act. Cause he didn't seem to care after I asked him, but he did look at me quite a few times.


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  • It depends on his tone of voice, the speed of his speech, eye contact, and other factors. Just based on what he said he probably is telling the truth. There's no reason for him to lie to you unless he doesn't want to hang out with you.

    • But that's what she is trying to figure out... IF he wants to hang out with her

    • Well he looked at me most of the time, and same with me. I was life guarding a pool, and we weren't able to make complete eye contact the whole time. He made a couple pauses when he spoke, and sounded like he was really sorry, but I am not sure if it was for not wanting to go or because he had plans.

    • Technically she wanted to know if he was telling the truth. Because he gave you solid eye contact and appeared to be upset, I say he's not lying.

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  • I'm guessing that he has a girlfriend or doesn't like you like that

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