He doesn't call me, how do I tell him I wish he would?

My boyfriend and I have been dating for 5 months, and I'd say that we're pretty comfortable with one another and we care about each other a lot.

But I hate the fact that he doesn't call/ text me very often.

Just for example: he's on vacation, and has been since Sunday (today is Thursday). We saw each other last Friday before he left. Since then, I've heard from him once.

Is that normal?

He doesn't usually call me every day, it's sporadic. We'll hang out, then he'll call me the next day, or not call me for three days. It depends on... I don't know what. I usually let him instigate communication because he's told me numerous times he hates clingy people and I don't want to seem like I'm pining for him...

I'd like for him to AT LEAST text me every two days, just to let me know he's thinking about me...

I know what you're gonna say: Why don't you call him and see what happens? And I do! But the majority of the times he doesn't answer and I hate the disappointment I feel when I get his voice mail. I text him and he takes hours to text back. Like the other day, I texted him and asked him how his vacation was going. He said it was going great like, four hours later, so I said, 'Why don't you give me a call when you get a chance and tell me why it's so great? :-)' He did, but said he had to go soon afterward.

I realize that yes, he's on vacation and probably having a lot of fun and doing stuff with his friends and family and is busy busy busy, but is it too much to ask that I hear from him? Even when he's not on vacation, he STILL doesn't call... He has a full-time job but he has time at night to call or text me and doesn't.

I've TOLD him that I would like to hear from him more often, after an entire three days of no communication. Did he forget? Is he ignoring what I said on purpose? Does he even REALIZE that he's hurting my feelings? Is he not thinking about me AT ALL and is that why he doesn't call? :-(

...or am I overreacting?


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  • you need to setup what you want for communication intimacy...if he says he's going on vacation, then don't expect him to call you until he gets back, plus if you want him to call you, then tell him to do so...you can't complain about something if you never implied or asked for something of another person


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