What should I do??

I made plans( just to hang out not a date) with this guy and the day of I told him where to meet me and he replied back with who the f*** is this. So then he called I picked up then hung up on me. So I texted him my name and waited he didn't reply back so I decided to tell him off. I said f*** you bud so glad we didn't chill on the weekend you not worth my time. Turns out I was on fb and he asked me what I was flipping out about. I told him and he said he didn't have my number saved on his phone and he hung up cause he couldn't hear anything. He also apologized and I did too. Here's the thing I don't know if he thinks I want to hang out with him again. I really like him but I don't want to try to hard. It seems it would be kinda awkward for the both or us to make plans right now. So should I wait or call him randomly in like a week asking for directions? lol I really don't know what to do about this or if he still wants to hang out with me... I'm pretty sure he still might or he wouldn't have made the effort to talk to me about it


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  • Make a joke out of it. Say something like..

    "Now that you've seen my evil side, I don't think you will say no to hanging out this weekend."

    I think you should still ask him. Good luck

    • Hahaha yeah that sounds good! The only thing is that he asked me to hang out on the weekend but I had to cancel because my grandma was coming over. So I asked him out this time because I wanted to make up for it. I just don't want to seem desperate by asking him out once agian....

    • Hes got more on his mind then you looking desperate... I mean he has to try and impress you.. :)

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  • Call him, or send a little message on FB. Keep things light and friendly. remember to breathe. :)

    He obviously cares somewhat, or he wouldn't have tried to iron out that little wrinkle you guys had.