Should I text him?

me and this guy were hanging out for awhile now and we recently stopped talking I don't know why we just did but we came about talking again and I ran into him the other day and we hung out for a little. I was kinda quiet around him and he wasnt saying much either, then I got a text from him when I got home and he was saying how we need to chill and how I looked kute today and everything and then he said oh ill text you tomorrow and he never did and today I went to the movies with one of his friends and another girl and we dipped because the movie stunk and he called him and he came down cause he wanted to see me but then he didn't really talk to me he was just talking to all his guy friends.? dose he not like me or something this is always happening? and should I find time to text him or wait for him to text meee?


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  • Ummm. all I can say is the only thing you can do if you really like this guy is to not seem needy. (Not saying you are) But don't text him, wait for him to text you. What were you doing when you were all together with his friends? Were you social, because he needs to want you! If you think he likes you and isn't making a move, then you have to make him want to make that move. i.e. flirt with another guy when he's there, or even just talk to another guy, don't watch what he is doing or worry about him, but give him glances like you want him. If he talks to you then you can make a subtle move to let him know you are interested. If he's not going to chase you, then he's not worth your time! He obviously is not that interested. When you were alone with him was your time to tell him you like him. not verbally, but physically. You should have talked to him, but also shown positive physical attraction to him. I think right now he is also confused about you and is maybe a shy guy scared to make a move. If he really likes you and you have another chance with him, TAKE IT!