He kissed me now won't talk to me!!

I hung out with my guy friend. One night we hung out he kissed me. We talked after that and we were fine. Then he kissed me again and smiled. Then on the way home he kissed me again and smiled at me and said goodnight. I texted him and he didn't reply. I thought maybe he didn't see it or forgot to reply. so the next day I texted him good morning and he still didn't reply. Why won't he talk to me?

what can I do go get him back?


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  • 1. he just wanted to sleep with you

    2. he thinks that you don't love him back as much as he does.

    3. he really didn't see the msges xD

    Well I guess by the time I asnwered that you really know why he did that .. xD but if he still didn't answer try calling him and ask him out or something. good luck xD


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