Internet dating?

Works or doesn't work?

What to you all think of it?!

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  • I think online dating is really unsafe. You never know whether these people are what they say they are. They might look young and handsome or beautiful, but their pics could be fake or their pics from when they were young. They could be old people that are internet predators too. I know I might sound like your mom, but trust me its not safe. Bye 4 now! :)


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  • Doesn't work unless both parties are truthful in their profiles.

    You see girls who have pictures at certain angles and then meet them in person and they don't look at all what they advertised or they're a little or a lotta heavy and the guys are sometimes not even who they present in their pictures. It's way to vague to judge a connection based on a couple of base factors you have in common like "astrological sign, loves dogs, open minded"

    I guess it is for SOME, but me? No.

  • It can work but it's rare in my opinion. I think it takes a special couple to make that happen.

  • i dated a guy from the internet. he didn't live in the same country so I just got a flight and visited him. and it worked out. we are very happy together and wanna marry soon

    even though when I think about that I just went to a different country and just knew the guy from the internet, I realize that I wasn't really thinking a lot. I don't think I would do that again

    and I think it doesn't really work out for everyone. but when you wanna date someone from the internet, do it in public (in a cafe or something) and take a good friend with you

    good luck