What do guys think of girls who can hang with the boys?

i am a confident, pretty girl and don't get me wrong, I like girly things... I am a ballet dancer, I love shopping and the color pink and blah blah blah... but in all honesty I'd rather hang with the boys. I have a high tolerance when it comes to drinking, I'll have a beer over a cocktail any day, I love sports and have a sarcastic and boyish sense of humor and like to laugh at the same dumb things they like. I feel more at home and comfortable hanging around them and I wouldn't change who I am for the world... but sometimes that makes me really insecure when I have feelings for one of them. I know they respect me as a friend, but do you think that makes me unappealing for more than a friend? because they always seem to go for super girly girls who can't hang out and feel comfortable with them the way that I can and have nothing in common with them.. and I'm worried I'll be pegged too much as one of the boys and they'll never think of me that way.

guys especially... what do you think of girls who can hold their own and hang with the boys?


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What Guys Said 1

  • I love it.

    You have pretty much described what I like in a woman.

    I think if you are confident, can take a joke, can tell jokes, can be sarcastic and have what you called a "boyish sense of humor" is awesome.

    Girls these days are too sensitive and have little sense of humor.

    Of course just because you are my type, doesn't mean all guys like it. Like you said if they like really girly girls, I don't know what to tell you.

    But the bottom line is: There are guys that like your type. Continue to be strong and confident and find the type of guy that likes you for who you are.


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  • I'm the exact same way. And I love it. a lot of guys love it but then a lot of girls think because you hang with all the boys you screw all the boys which isn't the case