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I'm pretty and normal, but can't have a boyfriend?

I don't know what is wrong with me, but I can go date with guys very easily but never can have a real relationship.

I've heard a lot from people that I'm pretty, girls asked me if I was a model, or just stopped me and said I'm pretty, some asked my number on the street when I was walking, guys say the same thing when I go on dates, most of guys I've known in my life usually turned out to like me; I've had 3 guy best friends who are no longer best friends because they liked me more than a friend.

So I thought about, is it my personality? But not really, I'm quiet, and I don't drink/smoke, I played violin since young so free time I'm playing violin a lot, read books or watch movies. My coworkers told me I'm very polite and funny... and talkative.

But somehow I can't be in a relationship or find a guy who really likes me. Am I kinda of girl who is attractive first but then so boring after all? I mean, I think I am kinda boring... but not to the point that I can't have a boyfriend! I've only had one real relationship so far (lasted 3 years), and now I'm back on dating, but it seems too difficult...

What could be the reason? I wish I was a guy and went on a date with myself.
I'm pretty and normal, but can't have a boyfriend?
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