Two girls and the confusion.

So my ex and I have been hooking up all summer long and I think I'm getting feelings for her again. But at the same time I met another girl and we get along great. should I see what'll happen with the new girl or go back to ex?


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  • You should weigh out your good and bad with your ex since you've already went down that road once and something obviously didn't work out...But if you do decide to keep things going with your ex...take it slow and get to know the 'new' girl also..nothings wrong with a 'friend' just be sure to make things clear to the both of them that you just want to remain friends for right now...(you know, buy some time so that you can make your final decision,sure you don't want to make a bad one this time =)


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  • You'd have to weigh out your feelings for yourself. But usually I don't suggest getting back into old relationships. Things end for a reason and they usually don't work out any better the second time around. I'd give this new girl a try!

  • Why did you and your ex break up? Generally relationships end for a reason, and if you've gained some experience from that relationship, maybe it's time to move forward with someone else?

    It's hard to give a really definite answer without knowing the history to your relationship, but maybe you could try to figure out which girl will be able to give you what you want/need without too much drama. For me that often means someone new, but if you still love your ex then maybe you should give it another go...Good luck!


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