We kinda like each other, but all my friends hate him

This guy likes me and he admited it over facebook on a message. He's sweet and caring, and I think I like him too.. just a little. I want to ask him out, but if we ever go out here's the problem. My friends hate him. If we went out I would get teased so much it would hurt us both. I like being friends with him, but I can't even hang out with him without worrying about one of my friends seeing us! Please help!


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  • Hey, friends are supposed to understand you and support you in your choices. If they push it to a point where they are actually hurting you and or the guy you like, then they are NOT your friends and it's time to find some new ones.

    In the end it's none of their business who you want to hang out with or not. It's your life. Start living it. It ain't gonna get any easier from here on out ;)


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  • The question you have to ask yourself is the guy worth dumping your friends for? If not, then don't go out with him.


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