My good friend who is a girl won't text me back?

So when I was in eighth grade this girl and I always hung out and she liked me, but I only saw her as a friend. And then freshman year we did stuff every weekend and we would text each other after school. I kind of liked her then, but she always had a boyfriend. But we were still like best friends. And then for no reason sophomore year I would ask her to do stuff, but she always said she was busy. And so I stopped asking, and then she didn't invite me to her Halloween party that I had been going to for the last 3 years. So I figured our friendship was through, and I started hanging out with different people for about 3 months, but I felt like something was missing. So something around march I would text her to see if she wanted to hang out, and I wouldn't get a reply. But if I texted her about something random, she would always reply. Now I feel like I want to have a real relationship with her, but whenever I text her to hang out she won't reply, and she won't pick up when I call. I need to know if I blew it, and what can I do to get her back?


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  • Maybe it's because she's with her boyfriend all the time and loves him more than best friends. If you didn't do anything wrong or something that gets her bored, it wouldn't be your fault. But if you do something bad, then that's bad news.

    She probably wants to move on from you and get some new friends because she may want someone to hang out with new. I'm sorry to hear about this but this happened to me too. But look in the bright side, you can keep talking to your friends, and also get a new best friend that is the opposite sex from you. I would go with my new friends in high school than middle school friends if I were you because we all need someone to hang out with new. I guess just don't worry about her anymore if she don't answer your call about hanging out.