Should I call this girl?

Ok so a couple days ago I was at the doctor's office and as I was leaving I guess this girl noticed me. She asked my doctor who I was and asked if he could give her my number but he couldn't because of doctor confidentiality. So he called me later in the day and told me about this and also gave me her number. I was thinking about calling her today but the thing is I don't even know her name and it would be kinda awkward haha. So yeah any advice would be much appreciated. Thanks!


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  • It's a little odd, but not way out there. I think if that had ever happened to me, I would have never called..when I was your age. Now though...having all these years of wisdom..haha, I think I'd call. I mean..what the heck. I'm guessing that this dr. must know her because I can NOT imagine just any dr. doing this. It's hard enough to get them on the phone to ask a medical question never mind to call YOU with someone's phone number! I'm thinking that the dr. must know her to some the extent that he felt okay about doing this. I say..if you're intrigued enough, then CALL. I would maybe block my number though, just in case. Maybe you could meet for a coffee at a busy place or something. The way I look at things like this now, is that maybe it's Fate giving us a little help. it could be something big! We don't know unless we take the chance. Don't forget though..always follow your heart. I go by my instincts and they're seldom wrong. If everything is saying, "NO" then forget it and just be flattered that she went through the trouble. If, however, you're not getting that WATCH OUT feeling, then maybe it could be a fun experience for you both. Good luck! =)


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  • do it. or you will regret that you didn't give it your all. you have nothing to lose!

    plus she is obviously interested and you ... likewise. don't think just take the leap. my best friend did a similar thing at her dentist. and she is engaged with the man - cause he texted lol (I still hit him up about it!)

    just be like, "hey, heard from the doc that you wanted help with something? I'd be glad to help :). I'm ____, you?"

    • **"hey, heard from the doc that you wanted help with something? -- I'm the guy who was ---. I'd be glad to help :). I'm ____, you?"

      simple short and sweet.

  • if you like her, call her.

    i don't think its weird that she went throught that much trouble

    i mean, I'd like to say that I wouldn't go through that much trouble for a guy, but if I thought he was really hot sh*t, who knows what I'd do? all I know is that she obviously really likes you if she went through all that trouble, so if you wanna call he, go for it


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