Would you find this sincere?

I have been dating a guy for about 8 months. Sometimes we go a couple months without seeing each other, but we text. He is very nice and romantic when he is here. He always comes to my house, I don't go to his as he runs his business out of his home. I feel like I am always the one to start the texting, but then he pays for/takes care of any plans. We were talking about taking a day trip this month. We never did it, but when I sent a text to just say hi, he says he misses me, he says "we still need to go on our trip." We made plans for tomorrow and then today he asked to reschedule due to a business deal. So I agreed to it. Then he sent me another text saying he wanted to see me more. I said I would like that too. Do you find this sincere or just a joke. He never calls, always texts.


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  • He is most probably living with his girlfriend / wife / signifcant other / family. That's why you haven't been to his house in 8 MONTHS! Why do you think you only communicate via text? If you don't believe me, try calling him at around 7 - 8 pm and see if he answers the phone? If he does, I can almost guarantee that he'll be fairly short with you or may not answer the phone at all. Then he'll text you saying he's busy working or some other crap!

    You need to cut him off! He is obviously just using you as a play thing. Sorry!


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  • Thats really weird,in a eerie way. I just posted something pretty much the same. And its the same with me he never calls,its just texts.

    I understand with my boyfriend its difficult in his line of work to always call but hardly never starts to make me think.

    How do you deal with being apart for months and having hardly any contact? Cos its tearing me apart.

    • He is not my boyfriend, we are just dating.