Little experience with women. What should I do next?

So there's this girl that I've been interested in for the past few months. We see each other at the bar occasionally and I talk with her on facebook about every week or so for the past month. She also came to my friends predrink birthday party at my house a couple weeks ago, with a couple other of our friends.

She was interested in one of my other friends but it wasn't mutual and he left for the summer so I'm pretty sure she's moved on. Also I'm on crutches for the next 3 months which means I won't see her at the bar or parties unless it's a pub maybe. I've known her since junior high but it was essentially that she was friends with my friends and at that time we could be called acquaintances at best.

I'm always the one to initiate conversations online though she keeps them going once they are started. She seems interested in me at this stage but it is difficult for me to tell.

I have little experience with women and I'd like advice on how to proceed and what to do next. I don't feel like I'm at a stage where I can ask her out yet.

Well a couple of things have changed. I teased her about me always being the one to start our chats and she said she just doesn't check who's online. Which seemed kinda unlikely but whatever. Anyways we've had a couple more good chats; as my friend...
Advised me that I should up the frequency for the next few weeks and if that went well ask her for coffee or something. However, today when I chatted with her she answered the intial bit but then went offline a couple minutes after...
Whenever she has ended a conversation before shed always given a reason and said goodbye. But that didn't happen this time. Is she no longer interested? Or am I over analyzing this?


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  • if you'll always the one who start a conversation I think that can be quite hard to flirt with her. Maybe she's not one of flirt type girls and always needs someone who takes the initiative. But that mean that you have to do something to broke up this habit and I think the greatest way is to invite her to hang out. Don't be scared. It's not necessarily that you suggest a date, you can say that you want to go in some shop to see something which you are really interested in and if she wants to join you or something.. then you can invite her on drink, ice-cream or whateva and you two'll spend more time together. Give her some compliments like she is pretty or something. Then she can't overlook that you like her and maybe sometimes she'll be the one who'll initiate a conversation.

    If she was interested in one of your friends which is gone for now, you have a perfect chance to show her your better then him. Well I don't know how much she was into him but sometimes when you see a person you liked again all the old feelings comes up again. Have this for a reason you'll not wait indefinitely to inviting her somewhere.

    Good luck!

    Maybe can you please answer on one of my questions too. The newest one. Thanks!


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