So share some sweet texts?

i always found this sorta fun.

list some sweet texts your significant other has sent to you, just for fun:) it can be what you think is the sweetest ever or a few that you really liked. someone may even get a few ideas, eh?


'goodnight, goodnight; I love you, my dear'

'i wish you were here beside me right now. to wake in your arms, my beautiful girl.'

your turn:)


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  • I travel for work a lot and I hate everything to do with phones especially to my girlfriend it just makes it harder to be away from her when I talk to her texts are even worse because I can't get the emotion she is putting into what she types. The first time I ever texted her first I simply typed "just wishing I could smell your hair now love u" (been together 9 months still love how she smells) when I got home I could do no wrong for like a month she said it was the sweetest thing I had ever done pretty sad huh.


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  • This guy is my best friend, not my boyfriend, but I love him a lot, so every text he sends me is special. My favorite ones are the ones where he tells me he misses me, he loves me, or he's giving me a long distance hug (he calls it "sugar").

    One of the best was when I was on vacation for a week, and I told him that I was feeling disconnected from life being so far from home, and he said, "I miss you, too." The fact that he knew I was missing him without me even having to say it was what I found most touching, like he knew me so well.

    Another one was when I went away for the weekend and he said, "Hey, sweetness. You ain't gone for a day and I already miss you." Up until that point I had always wanted a guy to call me "sweetness." I think that's when I started to fall for him. :)