How much do you value intelligence in your significant other?

Im just wondering on how others feel about this subject.

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Most Helpful Guy

  • Nikola Tesla
    Isaac Newton
    and Immanuel Kant
    Never had girlfriends.

    So remember that
    When girls say
    They value intelligence.

    What they actually MEAN is that they value intelligence in hot guys:

    • I think they were too focused on their work to have a girlfriend rather than girls didn't want them. I've seen uglier guys with girlfriends.

    • Nikola tesla was daddy af I don't know what you're talking about, and Nikola telsa also said he was in love with a pigeon, so... like... thats probably why he didn't have a girlfriend.

    • not true, I dont care about ABs.

Most Helpful Girl

  • I will give you 2 examples from people really close to me.
    One of my friends with benefits is a total player when it comes to women. So we have a common friend, a really hot girl in her 20s. She is engaged. He always told me he really wants to have sex with her as she is really hot. I told her that she should be careful. But she is not really bright. We actually call her Forest (from forest gump) to tease her. So even though me and other people told her to stay away from mister player they kept texting. So listen to this. For a month he has been fucking her all ways like in porn, she told me, and nobody knew anything. How? He actually convinced her that sex without emotion is not cheating as long as nobody knows about it. Can you imagine?

    A close girl friend of mine recently broke up with her guy even though they were on their way to engagement. Why? He was a complete moron when it came to money management. He would believe anything online, he would buy all sorts of crap on sale because 'its a bargain!'. He would spend everything, and mess up the entire house. He broke down the car, driving with the handbrake on and thought the tires noise was just the wind! He almost burned the house down twice. He sent someone 200$ for a used tv he never got, because he was scammed. My girl friend actually told him its like she is trying to raise a brain dead 5 year old. Seriously. That guy was dangerous.

    • "He almost burned the house down twice."

      I had a roommate (who was also the landlord because he owned the house) that had the idea of leaving the stove on all night while everyone slept because he had bought some beans that he had a hard time getting to soften up and he thought that if he cooked them on low heat all night that they might be edible in the morning. Fortunately, I saw the stove was left on before I went to bed and inquired about it and found all this out and put an end to his plan. He also believes earth is flat and that there is a conspiracy to convince people it's round. He was also too trusting. He worked a lot and if a repairman was going to work at his house during the day, my roommate wouldn't take the day off of work to stay home and greet the repair guy, rather my roommate would just give the garage code to the repair guy so that the repair guy could let himself in when nobody was home.

    • I have literally been sitting here with my jaw dropped for the last few minutes absolutely stunned by the story of your friend, Forrest.
      What. The. F*ck.
      How? How can someone be so dumb and still survive? Like what the hell happened to natural selection and survival of the fittest. She right there is Darwin's exception.
      Sorry, I know she's your friend but my God that is ridiculous.

    • Kindly send me the address. I need to root out the bad gene trees.

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What Guys Said 50

  • Very important, only next to love; without that you don't have anything. I married a MIT physics major, and NCAA swimmer. I'm pretty sure she is smarter than me, but I'm not threatened by it. I can do things she can't. We have great conversations, laughs and love.

  • I wouldn't say it's the most important thing but it definitely is an important factor.

    Intelligence doesn't always mean good quality in a person but it helps weed out the lack of chemistry. I'm big on communication and if we are talking and I can tell you're not as interested in discussing deep issues or topics then we won't last. It doesn't mean you have to be intelligent to discuss deep things but it's rare to find someone who is willing to discuss that who isn't.

  • I think a lot depends on what you perceive as "intelligence" - If you connect and have good conversation, you probably share a compatible level of intelligence so that would be more than enough for me. I might struggle with someone who was outside that intelligence range but is it a dealbreaker, no who knows you may connect on other levels.

  • as long as they get my jokes and can read other peoples emotions its fine by me

    • Thats called emotional intelligence

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    • Not necessarily but yeah. I like to learn and to teach. A true power couple.

    • well good luck two you

  • Well... A person can always learn new things get "smarter".

    COMMON SENSE/Street SMARTS are IMPORTANT. And either you are born with it or NOT.

    Most of the People with BA, Doctorates, Masters are SOME of the DUMBEST People I know.

    • That's because sitting in a chair reading books and studying facts in a book all day doesn't equate not translate to real world circumstances nor street smarts. The majority of well educated people often lack real life experiences and are often lost how to slove or navigate through life.

    • @Hispanic-Cool-Guy It's not even the streets smarts... It's the Common sense. I know 8yrs olds that no better not to do things that 40yr $100k/year people do.

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What Girls Said 21

  • It's fairly important to me. There are many different types of intelligence though so being smart doesn't mean you know everything. There is always more to learn so I would simply like to be with someone who cares about learning new things as much as I do. :)

  • I will not date a stupid guy. I want someone who is smart, worldly, has a lot of factual knowledge, wise, can keep a conversation going, can teach me new things. He doesn't have to be a genius cause i wouldn't date someone too smart either lol, but he's gotta be at least average.

  • Very important to me. I want to be able to talk about a wide variety of things from just theoretically joking around to serious and progressive discussion. I want to be able to learn things from him and to know that he gets me (emotional intelligence and empathy).

  • I will say that it's overall moderate of importance to me. I don't need him to be an Einstein, but I do need him to be rational and think wisely sometimes (like managing money)

  • It's very important. a huge turn on and also comforting.

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