How do you know if it's just a "hang out" or if it's a "date"?

This is probably a stupid question, but nowadays guys tend not to ask if you'd like to go on a "date"; instead, they ask you if you want to "hang out", "to eat", or "to the movie". How do I know if they mean a date or just a friends kind of hang out?


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  • Purpose of a date is to get to know them, see if their is mental attraction or personality or interest in a longer term relationship. So if someone wants to spend time with you get to know you its a date even if you are doing something else ...


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  • Hello,

    how do I know if its a hang out or a date.. simple I use the word date as in Ill say

    "Id like to see you for a date next thursday"

    that way when you meet up you know its a date.. problem solved..

    Good Luck

    - Chris

  • If its just you and them then 99% its a "date" but remember on dates either party can decide they want to be just friends

    Usually if its in a group then its just friendly

    • How if there's no group? I mean, like you're the only two who know each other and have no common friends.

      I guess I'm confused because I've a few guy friends who I would hang out one-on-one with and it's just friends kind of hang out.

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  • if they ask you ro be alone. you know one on one they will probably mean its a date because if it werent he would of asked to hang out with other friends don't you think?

    • How if the guy asked a few times and I refused, and then he asked if I think guys and girls can just be friends and I said yes, then the next day he asked to hang out together with one of his friends and mentioned that that guy has a girlfriend but he doesn't?

    • He probaly just wants o be friends

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