How would you initiate a kiss?

How would you initiate a kiss?


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  • wait for a time which you think is prime - when things quite down, when she is paying attention - and just slowly lean in towards her mouth and pause to see if she pulls away or not. if she pulls away give her a kiss on the cheek if she doesn't then plant one on your intended target.


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  • Going in for a kiss is scary for both parties and usually if you slowly lean into it both you and your kissing partner will know what's up or at least be thinking about it. But to pull off an effective kiss the timing has to be right - esp if it's the first kiss the two of you will be sharing. You want her to be comfortable, paying attention to you, and just go in and get er done.

    A key to a good kiss is to pay attention to her body language - is she leaning in towards you or is she turning her face away? is her mouth slightly open or closed. The best thing to do is to find the right moment and slowly get closer and closer until your kissing.

    I've had guys place bets with me that turned into a kiss. guys who have just jumped in when I wasn't looking. guys who are watching you and have that movie moment kiss are usually the best kissing partners.

    • We both have never kissed b4 (she never kissed a guy and I never kissed a girl) and I dont want to mess it up, want to make it something special. I did almost kiss her one time and she did lean into it and rite when our lips were about to touch she asked me what I was doing =(

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