How many dates before you start sleeping with guy?

I know that it is not a question of not being intimate with a guy that you like but on when you are going to do it. How many dates should you have before you do it? And guys, would you see the girl again if you became intimate only after one date? And would this change your feelings for her?


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  • Do it when it feels right. Don't set it up as a form of "the guy has to jump through this many hoops before I 'give it up' for him".

    If the girl became physically intimate after one date, it'd depend on the date. If it was so-so, I'd figure she just wanted sex. If it was mindblowingly amazing and she was comfortable to open up to me (and make me comfortable enough to open up to her) sexually, I'd figure she was the girl I was meant to be with.


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