Does he want to date me or not?

I have known this guys for months. We know each other through mutual friends and didn't talk to one another much until about three weeks ago. We started hanging out and talking alone and have found that we have a lot in common. Last night I ended up spending the night. We have had sex a couple of times. When I asked him what he thought of us, he said he wasn't sure. He just knows that he wants us to be close. Does he wanna date me and just isn't sure if he wants to start something. Not sure what to think.


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  • When sex and how the guy "wants us to be close" are in the same situation, it pretty much spells out "f*** buddy." He might care about you, and he might want you, but if he doesn't want to date you then he isn't going to date you. How do you know if he wants to date you? He would have asked you.

    (Been in this situation before, and I've talked to numerous guy friends about their opinion on that.)

    Good luck, lady. Sorry it's a toughie.