What's so special about kissing in the rain?

Isn't kissing supposed to be special any time? I don't know I'm just thing about this because it's raining super hard where I am now and it just popped in my head. >.>


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  • bceause the rain act as a curtain and a distraction . It separates you and year lover from year surroundings . It isn't so special if the rain isn't heavy. But when it is .. its nice. Also it creates a mess.. a bit f playfulness that water brings. It also leave the kinkiness of doing a hot passionate kiss in public.


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  • Movies make it seem dramatic with close-ups and romantic music playing - the reality is a little less spectacular, lol. But it's still kinda great when it happens.


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  • I don't get it either! I think it's just because it's happened in movies... I dunno, maybe it could make the kiss more dramatic or something. I've only done it once and it was actually pretty unpleasant. I was just cold and wet and I wanted to leave, haha.