What is one thing you women do besides offer company and being good looking to deserve a man spending money?

Besides looking pretty, and offering good conversation. What is one thing you do as a woman to deserve a man spending money on the date?

Just one thing.. that's all I ask.

Keep in mind he is also offering his company, his time, and his conversation.

He is also expected to lead and direct the entire courtship and pay.

So what do you do to deserve all of that?

Smile and look pretty?

This will probably go unanswered by women. Because asking this question to a woman is like asking a doped up chimp to solve a rubic cube.

Ok, before a woman chimes in and assumes that this has to do with sex, because she's bound to make this false assumption especially if a manly brain did.

It can be ANYTHING not just sex.

Btw, there is an answer to this, there are several things women CAN do besides sex. But most of them don't do them. And if you ask most women what they are they have no idea. Because most women feel entitled.
The reason why I can think of them? because I'm a man.Women never have to think of how to "EARN" ANYTHING. Things are just "given" to them.That's why the majority of the gender won't be able to answer this, they can't even grasp that concept.

Heres proof that a pigeon has more common sense than a woman.



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  • Hahhahahahaa...that's a fantastic question. I took a woman on a date and bought her a gift like a dumbass each time. Let's see, $1200 pair of chanel boots one night, then a Tori Burch hand bag the next weekend, 1300 gucci boots the next, ahahhahahah for what! They do nothing!

    • Women never do anything until its time to have a kid. And when that happens they scream like holy hell and say that no man knows what real pain is.

      What I say is if the pain of childbirth is on par with the rest of feminanity’s bullsh*t, I doubt it even hurts very much at all. Bam Bam and you’re done. What the big f***ing deal.

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    • Christ all mighty, enough with this. Listen, I bought her all that sh*t, now she moves away and treats me like sh*t. Fancy this though, I was a f***ing gentleman to her at all times and was even told "i set the bar SO high nobody could even come close". With that, f*** the bitch, good luck with her next guy. And yes, I bought her that stuff without expecting anything in return, we were friends for 12 years, then started dating and well, like all other women she turned out F***ED in the head!

    • Heres proof that even a f***ing pigeon has more common sense than a woman.


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  • If you are truly aged 30-35 then you should know there are ways to go on dates w/out spending any money (like going on a walk in a park or hiking). I do not expect any man to pay for me, it actually makes me feel bad because I work for a living and can pay my own way...and I would NEVER go out w/someone who expects something in return for being taken out on a date. So my suggestion to your issue is get creative w/your dating ideas, the first few dates do not need to last hours...30 min is fine as long as you are being open and a woman gets to know you. It's actually romantic to do something like this rather than the same old same old...so maybe your problem is you need to have a better filter on who you are asking out and stop getting so angry about it. The attitude will shine through until you are more open w/yourself about what YOU want and go for it...stop going for the same old same old and you may have more success! To me you seem like a frustrated person who needs to figure some stuff out before you continue dating...so take it to heart that if you truly want to be dating and you have terms on that then take charge and go for what you want to stop your downward spiral!

    • 1. I don't take advice from women. They simply don't know how to articulate very well, nor do they understand what its like being a man, because obviously the don't have a penis.

      2. I already know the answer, like I said.

      3. Notice how I said most and not all women.

      4. You didn't answer the question.

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    • Why are you dating women.....you obviously are an inferior who hates women so go get your bj's and sex from a man....take it up the a$$ a few times then you'll get what you deserve.....JERK!!!

    • Whether or not you believe in Jesus, there is one fact you can’t argue with: he was a man. No religion anywhere has ever put a woman in charge of sh*t. Suck it.

  • Why should a man pay for the date if he's asked me out?

    #1 - He asked.

    #2 - I'm great company. By being great company I make him feel good. (Same as paying to watch someone play sports or perform in theatre or concert)

    #3 - He wants to win me over and have me "for keeps"

    #4 - Because if he won't, some other guy will.

    #5 - Because he probably makes more simply because he's a man.

    #6 - Because if I've accepted a date I might put out. If we're on a 3rd+ date, I'll more than likely put out. He doesn't want to ruin his chances by saving $70 on dinner.

    #7 - Because I will wash clothes, cook meals, rub his back/hands/legs/feet, etc...

    #8 - Because I'm nice to look at. The Mona Lisa is worth millions and I, too, am one of a kind ~ but much better looking.

    #9 - Because I throw good pups.

    #10 - Because he's smarter than the OP.

  • AND...I honestly believe what I said...you are not a lover of women...figure YOURSELF out before asking stupid questions. If you wanted advice on something like this then you would need a woman's advice...you're in the closet even to yourself!

    • I don't hate women. You had multiple pictures to choose from to pick as your avatar. You chose that one because it was your favorite. Men are just better than women.

      Women line up to date guys like me. Women babble incoherent nonsense and cannot answer simple questions. You've just proven that.

    • Well it appears to me you are here for an argument because you did state you already knew your answer. I am a SMART woman and would see through you in seconds, just stating a fact. I hope you find what you are looking for and decide why you feel the way you do. God help any woman who choses to date you.

    • Claiming that you would see through a person to which whom you never met on the internet is not a fact.

      Here's the definition, it might help you out.

      "a truth known by actual experience or observation; something known to be true: Scientists gather facts about plant growth"

      Now go sit in the corner and practice your lower case letters.

      I like how she still can't answer the question and decide to simply deflect and attack me. Just like someone who was emotional would.

      Aka a woman.

  • This does have an awful lot to do with blow jobs and sex. Admit it, a lot of guys will take a girl out on a date in hopes that she will put out at the end of it. You can't just ignore this fact of life because sex is what brings males and females together.

    • Way to go, the only answer is to spout the same thing a man already said.

      Try again.

      And by the way, the biggest contributor to why men and women get together is phenethylamine, and not sex.

      "did she answer the question? no she didn't.

    • Phenethylamine...are you chiefnavarro by any chance?

    • I know everything.

  • Since when does the man ever pay for the date?

    Where are you getting this assumption from?

    I won't let a man control me by paying for every date.

    If HE CHOOSES to treat me every once in a while that's his choice.

    • Seriously? what world does this woman live in.

      She needs to get more friends to tell her how the world really works.

      Listen girl, get off the pc, stop braiding your cats hairs, and see the sun for once.

    • Ah this is good - you know - you're right - I do need to get out more - because I actually didn't realize men as sad and backward as you actually existed! I really do wish you the very best of luck - because you're gonna need it to get through life the way you are!!!!

    • I might be an asshole (which women line up to f***, and that's a fact.) but at least I have a life.

  • I'm surprised you get any dates with an attitude like that. You don't deserve a woman if that's your opinion of them.

    And no I didn't answer your question - well spotted!

    • Here we have another woman who feels entitled for a man to pay for her way. And you call yourself a woman? A woman should actually "feel" things like "obligation", or "guilt".

      You know what normally happens when you walk up to a stranger and offer them money?

      They think "what did I do to deserve this?" And the point of dating is to get to know one another, he/she are both strangers.

      So I ask you again, what do you do to deserve it?

      You won't answer, because you have no idea.

  • I can't answer for the women who expect you to pay for everything.

    But I can say that not all women do. Some women do offer to pay for dates.

    • You didn't answer the question.

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    • So are we talking about a first date? Okay, I thought we were talking about people who were already "couples".

      I would definitely offer to pay my half on the first dates. I know that still doesn't answer your question, but if I pay for myself, the man can't complain about paying for me. Then when we know each other a little better, he would know that when I offer to do something, I'm going to follow through with it.

    • Doesn't matter if they are couples or not. Ill say this again, in case you missed it. "Just saying your going to pay for the next date really means nothing, unless you follow through."

      Going dutch only explains a few women, at best 20% of the female population will do that.

      The other 80% the majority will be p*ssed and consider him cheap if he even mentions the idea of dutch.

      That's the real world. Bringing up the 20% of women doesn't do anything except avoid the question.

  • What does the man do to earn sex? It can be ANYTHING just not spend his money!

    • I don't have enough room in here to list everything. And if you don't know, either A: youve never been on a date, or

      B: you're dumb.

      Or C: you actually are a woman. Which is actually B.

      This woman is so jaded by her own crapulence she cannot fathom the idea that people actually have to work towards something.

      Therefore she cannot even see effort. Even when its done to her.

    • Hahahaha! ah you're so useless!!!!

    • 2 good things a woman can do as a job.

      1. Stripper.

      2. Tampon tester.....

      and that's it.

      Nice intelligent comeback too btw.

      You sure showed me.

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  • they don't do anything! Nor should you be spending money, if you want to spend money on a woman then go to a prostitute

    • Way to agree with me and then insult me.

      I don't know if I want to shake your hand, or jump kick your nuts.

    • :) as long as we both agree paying for women sucks

    • Paying for the date sucks, by extension, we can assume women have zero concept of justice or reciprocity, and therefore are the E-coli of a healthy civilization. We can assume that, but as men we should just go on our mighty man-stincts in the first place, which say the following:

      Women are coddling know-nothings who can stop a buck about as well as they can hold one.

      What a joke.

  • good question, because it seems that a majority of women do not do anything to contribute to the date and relationship, they are just along for the ride while we lead and make every initiation

    • And women wonder why men get bitter.. I'm sure this has nothing to do with it.

  • Well that's a way of looking at it, if we guys pay, you women should put out. I mean, if you women insist on us paying, we should get something in return, that's all it is when you look at it anyway, legalized prostitution!