Calling after the first date?

OK, Why do guys not call when they say they will after the first date?

Why do you even say it if you don't mean it?

If you are not interested then why don't you at least text and say the truth sorry I don't think we will work out, etc. Or say some other excuse then just not calling and dropping off the face of the Earth?

How long will you wait to call a girl back?

Why did you wait?


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  • Well first off, don't ever expect anything out of something new. Believe actions not words. Secondly don't set yourself up for disappointment. Believe things when you see it! Show the man on a date that you're a hot commodity but don't have a ego about it. If they say they will call but don't chances are it was easier for them to say that to avoid having the "lets just be friends"

    conversation. But for the record, not all guys are like that. I know for a fact I don't do that. I know within the first 5 minutes if I ever want to see the person again. If I don't I will cut the date short, every time.

  • a day or 2, I asked you out, now its your turn to chase me :)


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