I seriously need guy advice!!!!!

Okay what do you guys think when a guy hangs out with a girl A LOT. Just one on one for quite some time and they go to restaurants, movies, symphony together. Also if the guy asks the girl if she wants to go to the fireworks together and she says yes. Some how after the fireworks the girl gets the courage to make it plain obvious that she likes the guy. He tells her that he already knew because he knows how to read hints. So I don't want to write an essay so I'll get to the point. The guy makes it seem like he likes this girl by the comments he makes. Then the girl bluntly asks him, Do you like me? And he says no. What does that mean? I'm obviously the girl, but why would he hang out with me so much more often if he knew I liked him and didn't like me back? Does he actually mean it when he says he said no or was he just freaked out? He is shy/reserved and has never had a girlfriend. He is also very secretive and to himself, doesn't ever make himself vulnerable. PLEASE I need advice. It's taken me 5 years to build up the courage to ask him...

oh ya, if he does actually like me why the hell would he say "no" even if he is just insecure (I know he is). I mean wouldn't that just give me an reason to try and move on? Would he want me to move on? :'( I don't know what to do!
Is there a chance that if he did like me he would give up now that he said he didn't like me? I mean I can't help liking him... should I text him or if I wait long enough will he message me? I really don't wanna ruin my chances with him...
but I definately do not want to seem desperate or anything. I have never had a boyfriend either. I didn't necessarily wanna start dating him I just wanted to know...
oh ya, Before any of this happened I had asked him "do you like anyone"? He wouldn't answer because he said it was a personal question. I would say you totally do!
Then he would just smile but not respond. The only straight answer he gave me was when he said "no". I became kinda quiet afterward and he was like "your so quiet", What does he expect me to do?


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  • there two possibilities

    1.) he doesn't like you like that which is doubtful since he has spent so much time with you, but a minute possibility

    2.) he is still really shy and doesn't know what to do and the best reaction was to say no, if she said he kinda knew he wouldn't ask you to go to fireworks with him, if he didn't have some sort of feeling for you right

    • Omg that makes sense! He said he knew for a while so that's why I was confused. I figure why would he want me to go to the fireworks with him if he didn't like me? Another one of his friends who are girls wanted to go with him and he said she probably shouldn't. Then he asked me. I mean he asked me more then once too... did I make a huge mistake asking him? I don't know what I should do now. Should I text him or will he message me back? thnx I really appreciate your help!

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    • He didn't text me... I kinda thought he wouldn't. Should I text him now? It's been a week? Or should I wait longer? I mean after he said "no" I said "gosh I wish I knew sooner". Could he think that I don't wanna talk to him anymore? thnx!

    • Ok so he texted me and was like, "I'm going clothes shopping... What are you doing today?" I mean what does that mean?? I haven't seen him since I told him I like him and I asked him and he said no. So what should I do? If I pretend nothing happened do you think he will say something? Or should I tell him why I'm so confused and confront him? thanks!

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  • Yeah sure I'll answer your question but only because you said please. There are two possibilities. One is that he in fact doesn't like you but can still appreciate that you like him. The other is that he actually does like you but thinks that he will not reach your expectations. He thinks why should he risk failing when he already had a girl liking him. He's probably just insecure. If you have mutual friends make sure they know and they will try to get you too together.

    • He's a pretty nice but extremely reserved guy. I feel like if he doesn't like me he was acting like a jerk because he was playing with my feelings. Before I told him that I liked him, I asked him how his brothers ever got girlfriends if guys never express their emotions. He said they hang out with the girl long enough and it just happens. Well that's what we were doing for over a year! But he said he doesn't like me... should I wait to c if he texts me? Should I ignore him? thanks so much!

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    • I hope that you get crushed a hundred times more with the rest of us. Live a little. You need to go for this becase he isn't going to. Say hey let's have a date.

    • So knowing that he said "no" I should ask him for us to have a date? I don't wanna sound desperate. But I guess I'll try to do something! I think I'll wait a week and if he doesn't text me, then do something drastic lol

  • yeah go ahead and text him and ask him to meet you for dinner or something


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