I am 23 and have never dated! Help please.

I'm a 23yr old guy average body (lost weight in the past so my body isn't hard I hate it) I've never dated in my life or asked a girl out because of my insecurities being my body, my hands that sweat when I'm nervous, etc... how do I begin the dating process? I have no friends so I have never gone out never been inside a club,bar,strip club, etc.

How do I change my boring, shy, and lonely lifestyle? :(


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  • it's kinda cute when a guy's shy sometimes :) don't worry about that. just be super nice to girls, try make them laugh and let them know you are interested. if you're not comfortable with flirting yet, it's OK. that will come naturally the more you talk to them.

    why don't you have any friends? do you have work or study? friends are one of the most important things you can have, it's important you find some. you'll also meet more girls that way and become more confident.

    also remember that even if you do seem a bit nervous, people like to be spoken to, especially when they're being nice. it's nice to have someone show interest in you, no matter who it is.

    • I work from home so I don't meet people and I don't have friends I guess because I have nobody to go out with and going out alone is pretty lame so it's like a circle that never ends... how can I be nice to girls when most of my days I don't see any girl since I'm at home... the only time I go out is to buy my food or head for the gym and most girls I see in the gym alrdy seem to have a boyfriend or just mind their own business so I feel awkward talking to them.

    • U could try taking a class at the gym, or it doesn't even have to be at the gym it could be like martial arts or something. I'm a dancer and I have a lot of classes and made so many friends

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  • your not alone, I'm 22 and in the same boat