Can some guys just not communicate?

I've been dating a great guy for about five months, we're exclusive, I've met his family and friends, he's very trustworthy and we overall have a fantastic time together. The only problem I have is that he doesn't verbally communicate AT ALL. He will tell me about plans he has, not ask me to join and then seem put out that I didn't realize I was invited. He has only complimented me physically a few times and that was only after I had complimented him - he's a "ditto" guy - never brings things up but then will say "you too" when I say something nice. When we go out he always holds my hand, puts his arm around me and makes it apparent that he is with me and proud to be so but NEVER does he tell me that I look nice. The closest thing he's ever said about how he feels about me is when he said he thinks he's falling for me. His friends and family are more emotionally open than he is and are always telling me how great we are together. When we go out his kids will tell me how pretty I look and there will be dead silence from him as if it would never occur to him to say I looked nice. He does show me that he finds me special but never says anything - I don't want a guy who is falling over all himself but then again we all like to hear our SO tell us we are special in their eyes. Is this something you just have to deal with when you are with some guys? Why is it so hard for some guys to talk.


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  • Well no offense to guys but most guys are not the best verbal communicators (it has something to do with evolution) However it gets frustrating right? All I can really tell you is that maybe that you should bring it to his attention about his verbal skills. Because honestly if you don't share with him what you are feeling he will most likely never get the message that he needs to realize that you want him to communicate verbally that you are special to him. :) Maybe he doesn't realize that he is not expressing his thoughts as fully as he should be. He's not a mind reader and well neither are you and verbal communication is important in every relationship(at least in my opinion). :D

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