She sounds as if she's being forced?

I managed to get a girl for a date. Problem is, she doesn't sound very pleased lol. She sounds as if she's being coerced into it, which she is not. She's perfectly free to decline though.

Perhaps I'm thinking too much into it? Or is she just shy maybe?

An addendum: It took me 4 days, 7 smses to ask her. So it wasn't as if I was hounding her everyday.


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  • She might just not want to let you down or hurt your feelings. I always feel really bad turning guys down, even if I don't really like them, and I have a hard time doing it directly.

    If you asked her out via text message and haven't actually spoken with her, though, there's always the chance that you're misinterpreting things.

  • This is a little tricky to answer without knowing the details.

    It was easier for her to decline since it wasn't in person, so since she accepted that's a good sign.

    If a guy asked me out via text and I wasn't interested, I would make an excuse.


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