What objective reason is there for men to pay for dates when modern women earn as much money as men do?

Other than "tradition," please.

What objective reason is there for men to pay for dates when modern women earn as much money as men do?


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  • Why are people still bitching about this on here? You don't wanna pay, then don't. The girl expects you to pay, then don't ever see her again, you wanna split or go dutch then do it. Omggggg shocking new facts, right? Smh.

    • The only problem being that most girls are like that and are not inclined to change anytime soon, apparently.

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    • It's more about are you like that? And if you are, this type of question is suppose to change your mind about asking guys to pay...

      The question, will you adjust and change that or will you still demand that guys pay for you?

    • Men should just stop dating women and stop being walking dildos for women.

  • Sex. We can do that ourselves and, frankly, better than a man sometimes. Because she can probably have sex with any guy she wants, why not get some added perks?

    Seriously though. We all know you want to have sex with us ultimately, but we don't know how quickly you want it or if that's all you're interested in. If a girl is serious and looking for a serious boyfriend, she is going to want to see if you will invest in her. Whether that be time, effort, or monetary material things. Girls that just want hookups rarely complain about paying or splitting bills --if you even go in a date, because they know that is what it's about and there's no need to determine interest. As a new suitor, with unclear intentions, you are on her time. She is letting you prove your interest. She can easily pay for the date, but if you just want sex, she essentially is paying for her own sex. Yes, sex is bought--but not just with money. It is bought with effort and time and trust. Those things come after she can tell you are serious and have taken sex from the equation-atleast until there is a real connection.

    • Doesn't that make her a prostitute of sorts?

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    • Still can't argue that I'm wrong though. Women...

    • @Tasos96 πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  • I keep saying this over and over again. It's about investing. Women need's actions NOT WORDS. His actions show's if he is investing in her or not. NOt buying her time. Or buying her. A lot of men are overall selfish and what want they want which is basically sex. A woman in her selfish often want's either money or his material possessions he's willing to offer and sacrifice for sex and her time. But when you come across a woman who just wants a man in her life and want to start a family with her and get married, he doesn't want it nowadays, unless sex is exchanged. Outside of marriage, dating goes against the woman. But because marriage can be against the men, now it is a power struggle. If you don't want to change then don't expect women to change either. You put on the table what you want to put on the table. If make my promises for marriage, etc. I mean what I say and I expect no less than what I am willing to provide. I don't need cheapskate, and neither would I do that to that person.

    • I like this reason, it makes sense

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    • @SuperEunuch Then what explains it to you in your own words? I'm not going to say anything to fit your fancy. What are your intentions for dating and asking women out? What is it? And why? Women need's answers through actions as I said before. If you can't provide that, then why ask random strangers instead of being friends and then see if romance is possible? Because if all your thinking is having a sexual relationship is getting you anywhere, then you're wrong.

    • Are you saying that women will only have sex with me if I pay them or something?

  • Not much.
    But, like with most other dating 'norms' (like who is interested in getting physical, who is 'allowed' to initiate the relationship, etc.), people love getting stuck in justifying shit that doesn't even make sense NOW for no reason other than 'well.. because that's how it's always been done'.

    The herd mentality and failing to question norms is a truly fascinating thing.

    • You seem like you might be a very interesting person :)

  • Modern women doesn't earn as much money as men do, that's very far from the true (in my country at least).
    It's said that the one who ask the date pay and like only men ask for date, they happen to pay most of the time.
    In my country though I know that a lot of guys pay just because they want to have sex quickly and think the girl would give it to them faster if they pay on the date. This obviously doesn't work.

    • What country is this?

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    • Can you tell me one job you know for a fact it's that way (name of the company) because all the economic studies i have read speak of the money gap... it's real. But as to why it's has nothing to do with someone trying to pay less, rather it's simply put "a tendency in mens chosing higher paid jobs" and nothing more. If not, take this into acount.. if society it's that shitty and people so f**ers then every company would try to only hire or at least 90% womans, because if its like you said, they work the same and you can even paid them less! thats heaven for any company manager

    • @Arcari I can tell you for a fact it's true since I've worked as a secretary for some company and I had access to all the personal information of the employee as well as their pay check, I had access everything and women were paid less (most of the time).
      You won't find anything on internet (why would they put their personal info on internet, seriously? think of it.)
      They can't hire 90 % of women because they have to respect the gender equality or some stuff like that (50 % women, 50 % men) though the society I worked with were mainly women with men boss.
      As for the name, it's forbidden in my country to say it in public because it can harm the reputation of the company. On this one it's either you trust me or you don't. Just know that 96 company in France have been recognized of paying women less than men, the name was never give in public since it's forbidden to do so.

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  • I pay for all the dates because that is the tradition to which I am accustomed, and I want my girlfriend to do all the traditional female things in our relationship. Th millions of guys who have gone before you and who engaged in those traditional behaviors were not all stupid!

  • I don't pay for dates. Solely because as a student I'm also broke af. And if a woman can only see the monetary side of what i have to offer then that makes her a gold digger and not worth my time. She'll be the type of woman to marry me when i am earning quite a bit of money, then divorce me and take half my earnings.

    • By saying i don't pay I mean it's either split 50/50 or I just pay for what i orderee.

    • Indeed. Paying for what you order should be the way to go, methinks.

  • Just because they earn the same at a comparable job does not mean that that is who you're dating. If the girl makes more she's likely to spend more on entertainment for the two of you.

    If you're a REAL MAN you lead, pay, perform, game your woman or she loses respect for you and bails for someone that can and will.

    • Ah yes, the old "You're a REAL man only if you're the walking ATM"

    • If you're rich what difference does it make?
      And if you're not, then get busy. LOL

  • Who doesn't love free meals?
    Or showing off, that you - as a man - can burn 50$ in one night to a female without worrying about how you will manage your finances afterwards. Minor Gold diggers love this.

    Now you tell me about it @thisdudehere.

  • I think people just grow up with that being the norm. I've only had two serious relationships and while I did pay for the first date, both women said I shouldn't have and then went on to pay for the next one. So I've yet to go on a date with a woman who just assumes im going to pay and actually that would be a real turn off for me

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