I am not dating material?

I'm probably a little above plain or average looking.I'm complimented on my looks quite often. I believe in kindness, I believe my parents taught me to be very well mannered, and honest. ..I do drink, I like to have fun, I don't sleep around. I will take my own money if I am going out with a guy because I like to pay for stuff too. I'm not high maintenance..I do like to be treated like a lady, and that is I expect respect. I have nice dimples, a nice white smile, and bright green eyes, average build, long dark brown hair, and a really nice tan, Italian heritage. I don't lie to guys, I don't cheat. It seems that if I'm with a guy he will go out of his way to comment if another guys stares at me in public. I can't seem to get and keep a guy though, so I feel like something is wrong with me...guys seems to fall off the radar with me, so I don't date very often anymore...just wondering if I"m thinking too hard about this...

I guess looking for a guy that has confidence and a sense of humor means having high standards ...I guess I have too high of standards...?


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  • I think it could be the type of guys you're dating. I had a similar problem my freshman year in college. I couldn't figure out why guys would come from the hills to hang out, but I couldn't keep them as boyfriends. Then I realized that all of the guys I was going out with weren't looking for relationships, they were looking for booty calls. When they realized I wasn't going to be one, they took off. What started happening was that I became very good at spotting the type that didn't want a relationship and I wouldn't go out with them at all. This not only started drawing in guys looking for something real, but it actually started to make the booty call guys want relationships too! They'd hound me for months lol.

    Also, I began to quit caring whether I got a boyfriend or kept a guy around. I started dating for fun and for the company. Guys can be such a great escape when you live with 3 girls! And that started to make guys interested in long term as well since they didn't feel any pressure from me to commit instantly. I hope this helps!

    • That's a very great attitude. love it :D

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  • i'm not sure what type of area you live in or how active you have been in the dating world . maybe your just not meeting the right guys or have too high of standards in guys . I'm really not sure what's going wrong here

    • Bigger area...I don't discriminate against any type of guy. I am open minded and will date anyone who seems interesting and likes to laugh. I like to date guys with confidence on the inside. Confidence and humor are the two main qualities. Not looks, or "bad boy" types. I like fun.

    • ...I've dated 3 different guys in 3 years...different backgrounds, different cultures. but with a sense of humor and confidence as the two main qualities..maybe you aren't understanding the way I'm writing this..? Lots of guys have humor and confidence ....I thought

    • Well if you live in a bigger area there should be at least lots of options . and if you get yourself out there you should be able to meet some guys

  • Ever consider finding a guy that has a similar hobby? Like for example you like watching figure skating whatever so you go to a skating rink? Get where I'm going with this? Or even a hobby that you could be interested in but know that a lot of guys are interested in? For example oh I don't know a auto race? (racing's my thing so it's usually the first thing to pop up into my red head).

    BTW Friends (or family members)setting you up with their friends isn't always the best thing, It's never worked out for me (for ex. my sisters a prep she sets me up with her prep friends, I'm a country boy and my best jeans are faded with set in grease stains from working on my cars in them get it) so it doesn't always mean that you're compatible with your friends friends. That's about the best I got for ya.

  • Most of the girls that said there parents taught them well they end up being hoes, why do you think school girls are stupid when it comes to love they may be smart in school but when it comes to love they get f***ed over time after time.

    • Because I'm older than school age...but I like how you responded with an attitude that you know everything...

    • Its true

  • I seriously doubt there's anything wrong with you, where do you typically find your boyfriends at by the way?

    • Through mutual friends or acquaintances usually, like 3 in the last three years ...and I've kind of given up lol

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  • Are you sure the guys you're dating are really looking for a long term relationship? If not, it may have something to do with the places you're looking for a guy.

    You're young. I wouldn't worry too much about it.

    • Oh and remember there is still a war going on. Don't you think that's significantly reduced the # of available guys here in the states?

    • Oh yes that does too. lol