She asked me to call her. Lasted 2 hours?!

So there's this girl I've been quite fond of since we first met, last February. She doesn't return any texts I send her, at any given time. She acts like my best friend when I see her however. Anyway, after around 1-2 months of not talking at all, she messaged me on MSN, and asked why I had a sad face in my name. I, being the kind of person who gets confided to, not confiding in someone, said it was nothing. She then said, that I should call her. She claimed to be home alone and said it would cheer me up.

Amazed that she was even talking to me, I picked up the phone to call her. I hate talking on the phone, so this is a real accomplishment for me. The call lasted 2 hours and 20mins. (longest I've ever talked to someone) She talked most of the time, and when the call ended, she said she'd message me the next day.

My question is: what does this mean? was she simply looking for someone to talk to, or was she doing this for a reason. I've asked 2 other girls. Both said they think she likes me.

Sorry for the wall of text.


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  • Well it depends what you guys mostly talked about

    1. was she acting like your counsler?

    2. Did she seem entertained?

    3. Did you or her laugh alot?

    Either she cares about you as a friend or wanted an excuse to get to know you better.

    and she may not like texting, so keep messaging her. NOT everyday maybe 3 times a week max.


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