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Rob update... lets see what you all think?

Once again, we spent the whole weekend together. Friday we went out with our softball team. I figured we were just friends at that point, but as the night continued... we are clearly more than friends. We danced together, he stayed by my side. I tried to keep my distance bc last he said we are friends. But the night continued and we ended up back at his house. We made out, he said Lauren I love you and I love you Lauren. He also said you know what... I'm gonna end up marrying you one day. I laughed and said ok, I know you will. We had sex multiple times. I stayed with him. We got up Saturday and went to the house to drywall. Spent all day out there came home watched football and fell asleep. Sunday we get up and go hang more drywall. Then we had ball practice, he said staying at your place tonight. I smiled and said yea. He said you know, we have to adult. We have done everything but adult and as a couple we have to do that. I said are you worried? He said did i say that? I said no. I can adult i do it all the time. Plus if you haven't noticed i dont really get too bent out of shape about stuff. So, We rode together to softball practice. Then on the way back he says you know what I don't think I'm coming over. I ask why? He says just not, I gotta shower, eat and it was a long day. (I get it cause he'd have to pack ) I say ok.
I go home , I call he doesn't answer so I text good night. A few minutes pass and he calls me back. We talk for about 10 mins and say good night.
He was really talkative today, but then he read and didn't reply to my last text 2.5 hrs ago. I do trust him , I just would like to know what he is thinking...
Would anyone be confused? Is that a mixed signal? Or just busy with the house and drywall? ( service sucks at the house)
What's everyone think?

Rob update... lets see what you all think?
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