Is it stupid to send good night text message to a girl you interested?

I often send good night text to my Goddess, sometimes I would compliment her in the text message like "i wanna tell you that you are very very cute, good night", sometimes I would send her teasing type of good night text message like "good night, may mosquitoes bite you at night". She would reply once in a while. What are you guys opinion on this? Is it stupid?


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  • It's not a bad idea to text her because it definitely shows that you are interested in her. One thing I have to say is that you writing "goddess" and "very very cute" is a bit excessive. It makes you appear obsess and you definitely don't want to come on too strongly or creepy.

    You have to remember to flirt, and always (always!) flirt. Ask a lot of questions and pay close attention to everything she says.