Why do guys ditch a decent/pretty girl for the trashy/skanky ones?

Title says it all.


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  • The decent/pretty girls are usually all emotion, no sex (as a sidenote here: for guys emotion = sexual desire... girls can't/don't/refuse to believe that). They're the ones who are emotionally demanding and controlling. So guys in this binary are forced to choose between emotion without sex, and sex without emotion. Either is good at first, but bad after a while. That's why we leave.

    • I feel sorry for you if you think all decent/pretty girls are like that.

    • I don't think all decent or pretty girls are like that... just the girls who get passed up for skanky ones.

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  • All I want in the whole world is the decent pretty girl.

    • Me too! I keep turning down skanks and it's so hard for me to find that decent, sweet girl.

      Guys choose girls that reflect their personality. Trashy guys go for trashy girls. The guys might seem nice at first, but on the inside if that's what they do, then they have poor character. They're being swallow.

    • It sucks, doesn't it? Women are so hung up on looks and money, social status, etc. They think that being party girls is cool, but it's really just trashy. I hate sloppy drunk girls who are going to make a big deal about what they start with you, you act on, and they have to realize in the morning. I had a long term girlfriend and was really hurt at break up. This because she turned shallow and fell into that trap a lot of girls do. Just ride it out, women get sick of the party scene. Go good guys

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  • They get with the skanks, because they put out. Men think with the wrong head. They respect pretty and decent girls, because they have emotions, inner or outer beauty, and don't put out nearly as much, and at almost half the speed of skanks.

    Most guys use the sluts for one thing, and one thing only, sex. Then they dump them.

    They go back to the pretty girls, because they realize they genuinley care about and respect them, and don't just wanna get in their pants.

  • Because all they care about is their d***s that are always urging for sex and nothing but raw sex.. with no commitments or emotions ! :)

    • What if you were a friends with benefits that was ditched for some trashy ho? It's kind of disappointing, really. :/