Texting girls............ need advice!!!!!!!

I want to text this girl and keep her interested. Send her cute, funny, and flirty things. I'm not trying to get into her pants, but I want to develop a relationship with her ( more than friends).

I know ever girl is different and your texting will need to be tailored; but I was hopping that I could get some general Examples of different situations ETC.


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  • -Short texts are bad...don't send her a novel, but if you just reply "K", "lol", or "yeah" to everything, it'll get boring..

    -Use smiley faces. Don't be afraid to use the winking one(; haha. Just don't overuse them.

    -Dont abbreviate everything, ESPECIALLY if she doesn't. It's just annoying reading texts that are like "hey qt wuz up wana hang 2nite guhhh?(;;" Also, ha ha > lol.

    -THIS IS REALLY IMPORTANT: Think of what she could reply to the text you send her before sending it. So if you're sending her just "Yeah(:", and you can't think of what she can respond to that, you should probably add something else to it.

    -Don't be afraid to change the subject and be random...especially if the conversation is getting boring. Just randomly say something you're doing, like "Ahh I just got attacked by my brother!" It'll seem weird, but it's fun texting someone random!

    -And, don't be afraid to throw in a random compliment. Just say, "Awh, you're so cute.(:" or something like that every once in a while.

    And what I think one of the best ways to flirt is,

    -Text her good morning and good night, or begin your texts with instead of 'hey', a compliment. I love waking up to a "Good morning beautiful(:" text or a "Goodnight sweetheart!" from last night when I fell asleep texting him haha. One time a guy just texted me, "Hey, just thought I'd let you know you're amazing. And I love you.(:" and it totally made my day!


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  • Why don`t you call her? & speak with her haha. I know it may be awkward..but shell think that's deff cute. unless she hates talking on the phone. But I know in many of my experiences & my friends- we love to get a phone call

  • Please oh, Please oh, Please oh PLZ. Do not send short texts. Its just annoying and most of the time we are stuck on what to reply back. She could find it "cute" that your copying her style of text. Depending on her schedule she might want texts at a certain time, so she can reply sooner than later.

    Anyway, starting with "Hello" and a question like "Wat's up?" can be an awesome start. Then go from there with comfortable questions for her to answer.

  • totally use smiley faces. it just feels flirty!

    and if you text her and she doesn't reply don't text her again its obnoxious.

    unless you feel like she doesn't know your interested then it could be like oh he realllyyy wants to talk to me.

  • yes don't be cheessy that's annoyin

    start with hey what are you doing hows you weekend going etc?etc?

    btw: 3 word texts are stupid

    might as well not text at all

  • You should start with a simple "Hey, how are you doing?" or "How was your day?" Just asking how she is doing should make her really happy that you even care. Then take it from there. I like when guys use smiley faces- cheesy yes but it really makes me smile and feel more at ease. Just try to relate to her and keep her talking about something that is interesting and easy for the both of you to talk about.


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  • Texting is probably better than phoning as it gives you time to work out a response instead of having to pluck something witty out of the air straight away, avoiding any weird uncomfortable silences!

    It also depends on how well you know this girl, what her likes and dislikes are and what sort of sense of humour she has.

    See this website below, they have some very funny examples of messages you can send to get started off (at the bottom of the page). A Google search will probably bring up more pages of the same kind of thing too



  • hmm try to find something interesting or something in common. well like you said every girl is different when it comes to texting so have to find that way to keep the convo alive

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