To Chase or Not To Chase?

Do guys like the "chase" of dating or do you enjoy it when girls do the work? Does it depend on what you're after (fling or relationship)

I met a guy a few weeks ago & there was definately some flirting going on. I ended up sending him my phone number through facebook and he contacted me a little over a week and asked me out on a date. We went out and had a fun time. We came back to my place; talked for at least an hour or so. It was time for him to go and we ended the night with a kiss. He said I could plan the next date.

I text him today to say hi and he text right back, basically saying hello gorgeous. I do have 6 tickets to a baseball game and thought that could be our next date and he can invite 2 friends and make it a group date.

Shall I contact him or wait for him and/or shall I ask him out for the game?


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  • Yeah.. You should definitely just invite him out. As long as you keep things fun and fairly informal, you won't feel to much pressure in what you do.

    A baseball game is a great date venue, because it's not generic, and it's great to do fun, new things.

  • I love aggressive women, personally I do not like doing the chasing but that doesn't mean I am always passive, I chase because I have to


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