How do you get a person to stop texting you that you're not longer interested in?

I asked the opposite question yesterday.
("How often do you text a person you're interested in?", was the question yesterday.)
Some of the answers, in my opinion, were a bit excessive.
So the question this time is, when you have a person that's really interested in you and you've lost interest what do you do?
Ignore them?
Flat out tell them?
Maybe block them?
What do you do?


Most Helpful Guy

  • If we were together but broken up, I'd make it clear that there's nothing else there for us. We most likely broke up for a reason, so if we didn't break up as simply a "we both need time to mature but maybe some day" then I'd try to make it very clear to them that while I'd be willing to remain friends, I don't want anything more. If they keep bothering me about it I'd probably threaten to block them before actually doing it, and if they continued to, I'd probably block them.


Most Helpful Girl

  • I tell them upfront , but if they persist in contacting me , i ignore them. If i feel they are untrustworthy or manipulative, i block them. I don't keep anyone in my life who i don't want in it , for whatever reason


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What Guys Said 51

  • Be honest with the person and tell them what you feel and what you want. If they don't respect that. Act accordingly.. If you need to... Block them.. But that shouldn't be the first resource..

  • I guess it depends on the whole situation. Like if you'd shown interest but never really announced it or gone on any dates or anything like that, then id just reply in such a way that it would imply I'd lost interest without bluntly telling them. If you had been on some dates then I think it would be more important to mention to them that you didn't really seem them in a romantic light anymore

  • I think its easier to just limit your exposure at that point. Chat less and i believe they should be able to read between the lines BUT
    If by chance they don't stop... then you can always just say something like an old connection you have surfaced and you'll get back to him sometime when you're free

    Little push offs like that are ok with total strangers

  • They don't care this is irritating, so all about them, nothing about you
    This has produced results in past, so they won't quit until someone else texting in this blitz finally distracts them from you
    Rejection will tempt them to spread nasties about you to proper candidates
    so best to delete, move on, stiffarm feeling of irritation knowing that this too will pass

  • Drop some hints. Done small lie can help too... Like mentioning a guy you're totally into. If it doesn't help... Be honest. Even he starts flirting, just tell him how you feel about it.

    Ignoring or blocking from the start is rude and the wrong way and should only be done if the other didn't work.

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What Girls Said 15

  • Ignore them ala the Tar Baby story
    if they attack (wanting a reason why), then tell them specifically what occupied you at that time (s) in 10 words or less
    this might encourage another invitation to which you reply (later in the day) "sorry too busy this month" (and you never know what month you'll be unbusy)

  • I don’t like hurting or upsetting anyone but also it’s not nice being led on, ignored etc. so I usually just say I be met someone and/or started seeing someone. That I’m happy to be friends though. That way it’s the best of both worlds as you can’t have to many friends

  • I'm honest and tell them
    If that doesn't work I ignore
    If neither of those work then I block. I've only ever had to block one person for that specific reason. I think most people are reasonable once you have been honest with them. Their egos are bruised and they move on.

  • Tell them. But if they are like indian men then block.

    • Hahaha yes! True, so true. They are firm believers in every woman plays hard to get, I swear.

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    • @Gopi_1729 no when I answer someone's question that happens to be sexual that's not an invitation "hey guys, please PM me your dick pics!" And that is what happens.
      I don't have a problem with having a discussion about sex. I have a problem with unsolicited pics and guys trying to be sexual with me, many women here feel the same way. Point is it's a whole different situation.
      I just said its not EVERY Indian guy and I said it wasn't ALWAYS indian guys, just that 9/10 times it was.
      For the most part they're the ones that have the hardest time backing off and taking a hint.
      Of course there's good and bad of every religion, race and nationality, I am not disputing that. I'm saying according to me, in this place that's how it goes though.

    • Okay.. convinced. 🏳
      Nice chatting with you and I respect your opinion..

  • Depends on how much time you've spent together. If it's someone who have never met, you can simply say something like "I'm sorry, I'm not vibing this conversation at all, maybe it would be different in person. Thanks and good luck!"

    If you know them IRL, however long that is, you should treat them the way you would want someone you were crushing to tell you. I hate liars or fake people, just tell me straight out, don't condescend me - you're doing me a favour by telling me. I know it's not me, it's the chemistry. As soon as I know, I say it. To not say it right away is cruel and merciless.

    A good opener is to ask "What do you think about our chemistry?" and just take it from there. Honesty is ALWAYS the best policy.

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