My first kiss - help me please!

well I haven't got my first kiss yet I have a boyfriend butt his gonna be my first to kiss his not my first a Boyfriend but he is gonna be the first one I kiss and I'm nervous I don't know what to do can someone give me advice? thanks:)


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  • Don't think about it. don't ask for advice. don't google it because all that's going to do is make you more nervous so when you're leaning in for the kiss, all these advice and things will be running through you head. Just live in the moment and enjoy it. Don't think about it, jsut do it :)

    and have fun


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  • haha aw :)

    ok well! let him lean in to it first, don't be to eager. let him make the first initiation. Start slow... and gradually get more aggresive. start with your hands on his arms, make your way up to his shoulders and then behind his neck :) it's actually very easy ha ha it comes naturally.

    BRING GUM! don't where to much lip gloss if you decide to wear any,. guys don't like that sticky feeling (well most don't)

    hope that helps! lol, good luck!



  • just let it come naturally.. do what feels right and in the moment. my first kiss was back stage while I was rehearsing for a play. I didn't expect it to happen or prepare for it, so the best advice I can offer is when it happens just let it happen and don't think too much about it. If you over think it you'll get yourself all worked up about it and then sike yourself out. So take a deep breath and just kiss him :)