I'm worried because he didn't reply to my message?

I'm kind of anxious my crush doesn't like me as much as I thought because he hasn't responded to my message. I know that's petty but to me, if he liked me enough he'd want to keep writing me. However, in his defense he wrote me first, and also I didn't ask a question in order to further the conversation

When I say "message" I mean it's on MySpace, not through texting. and I can't ask him for his phone number because of present circumstances.
And granted we weren't talking about anything important.just his band.not that that's unimportant!


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  • Well I understand how you feel but yeah it could be because you didn't further the conversation boys aren't like girls they don't read into things as much as we do of course you thought he'd continue writing but in his mind you not asking a question back means that you probably no longer want to talk. Just text him back and keep talking and flirting and I would strongly encourage actually talking on the phone I know a lot of people love to text but talking gives you're fingers some rest and also allows you to say everything you want to say and also hear the other person's tone on the phone you can find out a lot by reading into someone's tone of voice


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  • hey well I would like to get to know you so you should right me back so I know more about you


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  • hahaha,

    wow you sound exactly like me.

    i totally agree I get kinda offensive if my boyfriend kind of ignores me or doesn't give me the answer I really wanted him to say.

    but, DONT GET WORRIED ! trust me been there done that.

    like one time I was texting a guy and I wrote "love you" nd he didn't answer me. I totally freaked all night, then I realized he fell asleep. HAHA.

    and everything was cool.

    but just wait a day or two. and if he doesn't respond, try talking to him again.

    im sure if he was talking to you and if you didn't say anything that bothered him he should still talk to you.