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i found a girl on an online dating site who might be interested..we've exchanged a few messages so far so I thought she must've been at least somewhat interested. My last message consisted of talking about some sports we like. In that same message, I made a comment about some sports we like and also decided to ask her out to coffee. But when she replied, she only talked about the sports she watches. No mention at all about my asking her out.

I'm confused here. If she wasn't interested, then why did she even respond to my message? If she is interested, why didn't she say anything about agreeing to go out together?


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  • the reason as to why she did that was because she feels that you are asking her out too soon and wants to get to know you better without actually saying it so by not responding to your attempt in asking her out she was trying to avoid the question but not be mean about it cause she wants to get to know you better and perhaps feel more comfortable. I'm 99% sure she probably likes you cause if she didn't she wouldn't respond at all and I HIGHLY doubt she is JUST seeking friends cause she wouldn't be on an online dating site if that was the case...i guess she just wants to talk to you more and get to know you and eventually build some trust...then she will probably agree to meeting you in person...keep talking to her more and then ask her out:)

    help me please?/

  • She is interested, that's why she responded. However, I think she's uncomfortable with the idea of meeting up after only a few messages. She's nervous about the face-to-face so quick basically. Talk to her more through messages. Have a phone/text conversation first. Then ask her out again. You've just got to build up slowly with online dating as women especially get very nervous for the first meet up, often because there are more risks involved.


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