Would it be weird to date your ex's brother?

Honestly I still have feelings for my ex and I love him but his older brother is more attractive and has a lot of the same values which attracted me to my ex in the first place. Me and my ex had a serious relationship for a year. Would it be wrong to date his brother?


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  • I think it's kind of mean. It's like a slap in the face. You'd probably see your ex all the time to because of it.

    • Well I already to, my best friend is his sister.

      Making my way around the family lol I know.

    • Haha. Well if you really like him go for it. Might be pretty awkward if both brothers end up your ex. Sorry if I sound negative. I'm just trying to point out possible consequences.

    • Well I don't really like him and I wouldn't that ehim right now because our age difference is too big right now. Later in life it wouldn't be a big deal but I'm just wondering if that future possibility is there or not

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  • At the moment it wouldn't be the wisest thing to do right now. You still have feelings for your ex and going out with his brother which means having to see your ex more often isn't going to help these feelings fade. That wouldn't be fair to your ex's brother and it sounds like he's just a replacement for your ex. Give it some time to make sure if this is what you really want.

    • Yeah well I wouldn't mean now but I mean in many ways he's a complete opposite of my ex. I guess it would be bad to have to see him all the time but my ex is a lot more dependent on a relationship than his brother his. His brother is very independent and a lot more outgoing and responsible. But in the future, would it be a horrible idea?