Kissing tips? Relationship Questions?

As I'm going through relationships I start to realized that my definition of "kissing" is just a peck on the lips for 2seconds. Hmmm should I take it to a new level? Very confused=_="

hmm guys please advise me!Previously my ex. boyfriend asked me if I wanted to "make out" but I said no, because I think sticking your tongue in someone's mouth is sorta nasty (in my opinion) :P

Anyone feel the same?


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  • u just gota exspand your comfort zone a little bit and loosen up your lips its hard to explain but the best way I was explained making out move your toung around like an exsplorer never stopmoving it around always in a new place you have just learn one on one if you need more help just let me know

    • Hahas lols thanks for explaining-ish^^ but you helped:') thanks

    • Np if you ever need anything just ask

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